Tanya True is a singer-songwriter from Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

Performing with a gospel choir led Tanya to her first professional shows at Lincoln Center, Town Hall, and Carnegie Hall. Soon thereafter, she learned how to play guitar and performed her first songs at clubs in Manhattan’s East Village. Fighting the depression that hung over her twenties like a dark cloud, a bout with bulimia, and learning to adjust to life after 9/11 were all inspirations for her music. 

After a serious wrist injury created a sense of urgency around documenting her craft, she recorded her song “Freedom Now” in her apartment and released it in 2017. Following the release, another injury required reconstructive surgery, landing her in the hospital once again. 

Tanya soon realized that these struggles could both fuel her music and allow her to heal, and that realization lifted her and made her feel truly alive for the first time in years. Using that to propel her forward, she recorded and released her second single, “Not My President”, in December. 

Reflecting on all of this, she says, “It’s like I’ve had to fight for my life—and my music—but fighting for the music has always saved my life.”