Freedom Now

Tanya True

My wrist was broken very badly by a man who fell on me as I was coming up from a spit on a dance floor he was sharing with me, but not very well. I have a "T" shaped titanium plate holding my wrist together now. I had to face "What if I am not a musician anymore?". I used this song as occupational therapy. Every day I tried to get one step closer to holding the guitar neck, playing my first, then second...chords, part of the song (lots of Tylenol mixed in here), and finally the whole song. With life and all it's parts, so fragile and temporary, the permanence of this Love I Am, moved through this body to take recording actions, at home, very simply. With all of the imperfections of a life perfectly imperfect, I offer you Freedom NOW. I can not promise anything, but it is absolutely in my heart to offer all the songs of this heart. I pray for many more days, increased technical know how, and funds to offer you songs and albums until death do us not part.

Thank you for clicking through to me. I am ever grateful.
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  1. Freedom Now